instructions. module software by connecting its USB port to that of a computer. The DM6 module comes with 10 Preset Kits ( – .. Connect pads to the kit by inserting the metal rod into the . The DM6 hi-hat pedal (included) can send out four different levels, allowing you. DM6 USB Kit – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 1.

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Alesis DM6 Module Overview

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And you can adjust the volume of the latter via the knob on the module. The DM6 Kit from Alesis is a complete electronic drum set with every component needed to start playing drums. Honestly for a first electric drums set I am very impressed with this set specifically. I have had an acoustic set for 9 years and when I switched to this set I was surprised by its performance. The cowbell thing is driving me crazy And can you also tell me how to install other kits on my dm6 Thanks.

You can choose to play with or without a metronome click and changing the volume is done by pressing the plus or minus buttons. Overall this is a really good set for any level and I still can’t believe how cheap it was because of the high quality.


I set it up myself with the help of a friend who plays drums himself. Being made of rubber-over-steel, they do produce sound peaks at around 60 decibels for those outside your headphones. Can you please tell me how do I install updates on my Alexis dm6. The bass drum on the Alesis Burst Kit is a freestanding pedal, much like the hi-hat in design.


Notify me by email when the comment gets approved. Its very compact and easy to set up. The included DM6 drum sound module features high-quality percussion sounds. With beaterless pedals like this one, it can be hard to play certain advanced bass drum techniques such as heel-up and swivel methods.

I have absolutely nothing to complain about in terms of sound. Once set up, the Alesis DM6 will take up md6 area of about 5ft by 4ft. The DM6 module has inputs jit outputs on alrsis back of the unit. This feature is handy for remembering manua drum licks or grooves and can also be used to monitor your overall sound at gigs. You can plug your Drum Rocker into the DM6 module and play with the built-in sounds instantly. Any way you look at it, the price is great for the quality you get.

This rack is easy to assemble and solidly built. The controller is lightweight and just over 1 foot in length. The pedal reacts to how you press your foot and changes the sound sample to suit. So I used a rug that has a block in the front and put the bass in front of it and now its perfect! The DM6 also has the ability to record your playing.

An added benefit of the DM6 module is that it is compatible with the Drum Rocker game controller. If you bought this kit on Amazon like I did, it would come in one box of about 3 x 2 x 1ft and weigh around 35 pounds. Overall, I’m satisfied with the relation price x fun and I’m doing good on learning to play the drums with this kit. Actually I only use the Soundbrenner App as a metronome the article talks about their paid wearable too — but the app is free and can be used on its own.


The snare is a 9-inch rubber pad while the toms are each 8 inches in diameter. Alesis DM6 Kit reviews. Hey Mark, Hm, strange. Thank you so much for your time and it was very helpful for me.

But to be fair: The pads are nice to play on and the beaterless bass drum pedal makes for less noise. Click for Current Price. This was a good buy at a great price. The module is compatible with modern DAWs and can send your performances to either Mac or PC for editing, mixing and mastering. The Alesis Burst Kit will also suit musicians who need alesiz drum set to create tracks in their home studio.

By using the tempo setting on the module you can slow down or speed up a track for added manjal.

I also think it is a little bit hard to customize pads’ positions because of the screws and plastic pieces used to fix them to the racks. My key thing was being able to use a double bass pedal.

It will suit all ages, from the very young to the elderly. Which headphones are you using? I use an Iron Cobra, and in this video you can see that it also works with two older, larger bass drum beaters jump to 3: Just added a chokeable crash to the kit. Can i make the hi hat pedal changes into a second kick pedal??

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