The Future Lasts Forever: A Memoir. Louis Althusser, Author, Richard Veasey, Translator New Press $25 (p) ISBN In a curiously lucid and compelling narrative, Althusser (), a distinguished neo-Marxist French intellectual, explains his life. The Future Lasts. Forever:The Failure of Auto-Redemption. Catherine A. Poisson. On the 16th of November, , the French philosopher,. Louis Althusser.

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The Future Lasts Forever: A Memoir by Louis Althusser

The lucidity of a man condemned by his madness to a living death is perhaps what gives this book its chilling edge. One need not forfver an Althusserian or even a traditional Marxist to appreciate this terrifying, sad, and wonderful book.

There he wrote the second of the two memoirs published in this volume, which were donated after his death in to the IMEC, the Institute for the Memory of Contemporary Publishing in Paris.

A Memoir by Louis Althusser.

Yes, the future lasts a long time. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Both narrative emphasize his lack of sexual experience until his late 20′ or early 30’s. Why should we listen to a Freudian, when he admitted Freud was largely impenetrable to him? Froever am referring to myse “I also experienced extreme anguish and repulsion at the idea that someone wanted to ‘get their hands on me’.

Futire maintains that the killing of his wife was the manifestation of a kind of “suicide via a third party,” if you will.

THE FUTURE LASTS FOREVER by Louis Althusser | Kirkus Reviews

I think that my experience with psychiatry and i The class on Althusser was being offered my first semester of graduate school. Many of the details I have to ignore – such as many references to names and publications around the Paris events – but the general thrust of his relationship with Marxism and theory is accessible. It also takes and perhaps should take a lot of personal misery. Showing best matches Show all copies.


In all honesty, I find his work to be of rather mixed value.

Though this influence is not always explicit, Althusser’s work and that of his students continues to forevrr the research programs of literary studies, political philosophy, history, economics, and sociology. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. All of the agony is broken by a few chapters, roughly in the middle of “Future”, where Althusser discusses his philosophy in a wonderfully lucid, accessible way.

Katrinka rated it liked it Mar 04, The author of Reading Capital, For Marx, and many other books, he lived in Paris until his death in But never mind, there is some good stuff and there is always a minute or two when my mind gets something…And LA does explain things pretty well at points.

Having murdered the one person he could relate to–and on whom he totally depended–Althusser was confined, in spite of public outrage, to an insane asylum, deprived by his mental condition of a public trial and defense. In the end, just another miserable match, but he loved her and needed her.

In the philosopher strangled his wife. He was eventually released and lived a few more years more. It is like the reader adopts Althusser’s depression, and when the light of philosophy comes, it is beautiful and uplifting. The last section of “Future” comes to the conclusion that Helene’s death cannot be understood as the result of any one fact, be it objective or psychological, but was rather the overdetermined result of a web of contingent factors. Written four years after the murder of his wife, Althusser goes on to reflect on the factors that led to him doing it, though he encourage readers to “judge the results for themselves” since he writes the book for his own use, since he realized he was damned either way as a criminal or a paranoid schizophrenic.

This book although quite good really lasts forever. Althusser became one of the most respected and interesting philosophers of Marxism in France during the ‘s and 60’s, which is no small accomplishment considering the fact that practically every intellectual was writing about Marx at the same time. Luke Revel-Burroughes rated it really liked it Aug 03, Books by Louis Althusser.


The Future Lasts Forever: A Memoir

Moreover, he reflected on his life vis-a-vis The Communist Party of France, May 68′, and his philosophical life. How does one come to terms with the author of a book of this kind? I think the post murder narrative is more fluid and coherent.

Many forevver the details I have to ignore – such as many references to names and publications around the Paris events – but the general thrust of his relationship with Marxism and theory is In the philosopher strangled his wife. One is reminded here of the remark Sartre made about feeling the most free as a POW Advanced Book Althueser Browse by Subject. This autobiography gives his side of things. As they seemed to offer a renewal ftuure Marxist thought as well as to render Marxism philosophically respectable, the claims he advanced in the s about Marxist philosophy were discussed and debated worldwide.

So twenty years later, after reading Marx and LA’s students- Foucault and Ranciere I did not realize was one of LA’s students until I read forver in the memoir I got around to reading the theorist and wife killer. I cannot turn away from his story. Due to apparent reversals in his theoretical positions, to the ill-fated facts of Louis Pierre Althusser — was one of the most influential Marxist philosophers of the 20th Century.

He was ready to go to college right when the war began, and ended up spending five years as a p.

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