Consultá la programación del BAFICI de hoy en: .ar/ /web/es/ev / BAFICI – Día. BAFICI Todos los títulos de la 15ª edición del festival -LA GRILLA DE PROGRAMACIÓN DEL 15º BAFICI ya se puede descargar en. BAFICI – Festival de cine de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. She directed Thursday Til Sunday (Bafici ’12) and Mar (; Bafici ’15). View +.

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To be eligible, films must be entered online before December 19, and received at the Festival Offices before January 5,without exception. The video library is only accessible to 20013 accredited press members and guests. The producers and distributors of award-winning films shall mention such award s in all their film advertising and press material, using the logo of the Festival.

Family visits alternate with real estate tours searching for an ideal apartment: For these purposes, the producers of films in the Festival lineup shall provide extra copies in the pfogramacion that will be duly specified.

.: FESTIVALES de Buenos Aires – :.

The ghost of an endless war seems to slip through under the door, amidst child play, dances, and family meals. Shipment Instructions Details about shipment of film and video copies for screening will be duly explained by the area of Print Traffic once a film has been invited to the Festival.

She was born in Iraq and was raised in Vienna. Participation in the Festival entails the acceptance of the present Rules.

The Argentine Short Film Jury will grant the following awards: Additionally, the sender shall also attach a technical report describing the condition of the copy, which will be checked by the Screening Team of the Festival. For films from any origin other than the City of Buenos Aires, all entries shall be sent and paid in advance by the sender to the address below. Once signed, the entry form will be legally considered as a sworn statement and as a testimony of the producer’s knowledge and acceptance of the present Rules.


The program of the Festival will include competition and non-competition sections. Years later, his sick father decides to visit relatives in the city of Dohuk in order to buy a property there. Festival screening formats are: In case of uploading the film for online viewing, we 2031 using www.

Please indicate if the work is a final cut, a rough programaciln, or a work in progress. Info Festivales de Buenos Aires info festivales.

International Official Competitionfor national and international fiction and documentary feature films, provided that they are the directors’ first, second or third work. By entering the Festival, rights holders give permission for their films to be included in the video library, unless stated otherwise on their entry form. Once the screening format has been informed to the Festival Organizers, it may not be changed.

Kurdwin Ayub, Omar Ayub. The producer who holds the rights of the film shall submit the following to the Festival via mail or online:.

The selection committee is under no obligation to view films submitted after the deadline. Leer 25 April If available, posters, postcards and other press materials will be requested by the Festival press office for promotional use. Once submitted and selected, a film cannot be removed from the Festival lineup or be exhibited at any other event in Argentina before its official screening at BAFICI.


BAFICI 2013: Todos los títulos de la 15ª edición del festival

InKurdwin and his parents were forced to flee from Iraq. Best Short Film The Jury may propose up to three special mentions.

The submission of works in other film or video formats requires the authorization of the Festival. The tale of the princess kaguya miercoles 15 a las 20 h. Bafici, applying kimball as a development methodology, etl for the extraction, transformation and loading of data and power pivot as the tool for the construction, analysis and.

Bafici 2013 programacion pdf

For prograamcion of the Festival lineup and each of the selected films, the Provramacion may upload digital photos of films and film clips of a maximum of 3 minutes onto the Festival’s website.

Xavier villaverde, ignacio pardo, antonio segade, eloy lozano, teo manuel abad. In addition, a list of the script lines in the original language and in English shall be made available with time codesas well as a DVD or digital file of the final cut, the exact same version to be screened, for electronic subtitling.

An English-subtitled screening copy is preferred if available.

The Festival will cover the return shipment charges for the copies, excluding additional costs for customs taxes or any other type of baficj at the destination country.

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