Model Specifications. Manufacturer(s). Datron. Instrument Model: Description: Autocal Multifunction Calibrator. Instrument Type(s). Calibrator. Application. Find great deals for DATRON AUTOCAL Multifunction Calibrator as Is. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Datron | Sale | Rental | Lease – Calibrator. Datron Calibrator. Contact us for pricing and availability. Description; Options.

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Safety Trip Check The tests the safety tnp circuits. The readings obtained include wideband noise integrated over the full bandwidth, introducing measurement errors which increase the apparent harmonic distortion parliculariy at low fundamental levels, where the harmonic envelope rapidly descends into the noise floor.

DATRON 4700 AUTOCAL Multifunction Calibrator as Is

At operations and ; No Remote Sense on. Use for measurements in the following ranges: The supply lead should be connected to a grounded outlet ensuring that the ground lead is connected. An optional transconductance amplifier extends the direct and alternating current functions to 10A.

The output current is split between the shunt and the transfer element.

Datron Autocal Multifunction Calibrat – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Safety and Memory Checks On first pressing the Test key, the carries out three checks: The Current output develops a voltage across the shunt which is measured by the AC DVM, with care taken not to load darron shunt. Once the keys are activated, up to four modes of caUbrating the become available. Offset or Error Mode is selected: Com,binations of the above factors can lead to conflicting requirements, and users may be faced with a datfon between methods.


Pressing CAL commands the to calibrate.

Run leads together as twisted pairs in a common screen to reduce loop pick-up area, but beware of leakage problems and excessive capacitance. Output Connections Connections to the output terminals may be made either with leads or via a shrouded connector. Resolution and Accuracy The maximum resolution is 6H digits 47000 a unique facility for displaying the specified accuracy of any output voltage.

Sending the I command will store the subsequent 1 6 character string in memoi 7. The updated correction factors are applied in the normal RUN mode. Reset Check The program ensures that user tests the Reset action. The second stage Display and Key checks may be omitted fatron pressing any key other than Test. Sum the Verification setup uncertainties and record in the Us column, as voltage deviations.

Calculate compensating deviations for each of the inputs for the linearity measurement, based on the measured ratio, and Compensate each input to the DMM so that the linearity errors may be measured. If an excluded frequency is selected, the calibration is cancelled and Error 3 is displayed. Local Sense Only, aii ranges.

User Manual – Datron Instruments – Calibrator — Download free service manuals

Select the required Calibration Interval Rear Panel switch. The IFC line is used at the discretion of the controller, to clear any activity off the bus. Care must be taken to ensure that dztron coiTect-polarity ON key is pressed, to avoid excessive voltages being connected across the null detector, particularly when checking the directly against a standard cell.

  AVAYA 4690 PDF

Band set by A brief scan of the available controls — where they are and what they do.

The following details are given in Section 6: SPD Disables serial poll mode. This applies particularly to the 1 Amp shunt — altemanvely, a DMM of suffiicient accuracy may be used to measure die voltage across the set of calibrated current shunts. Its uncertainty is also recorded, and the Tolerance Limits calculated. Any failure or operational deficiency information available allows us to provide the best service.

How to restore your to its original specification after it has suffered the ravages of time and temperature. Then follow the sequence in the diagram: Operational Sequence Guidelines — a little general help with programming sequences. It is intended to 7400 flat on a bench, positioned so that the cooling-air 400 and exhaust apertures are not obsti-ucted.

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