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Dengare results revealed that the students in the private school had more positive perceptions than those in ionesdu public school of how much the didactic classes contributed to professional practice, the level of motivation for the topics discussed, and how well coursework related to clinical practice.

Pacient with anterior open byte consecutive to the tongue thrust in treatment intraoral aspect— after 1 year of treatment. The pressures developed by cheeks and lips from outside and by the tongue from inside, are representing important factors which are not only guiding the development of the occlusion but also are influencing the maxillary growth 4.

Six domains with different criteria applicable to clinical teaching in dentistry were selected consisting of modelling four criteriacoaching four criteriascaffolding four criteriaarticulation four criteriareflection two criteria and general learning environment six criteria.

There are notable the malocclusion consequences caused by the hypofunction of the anterior teeth, respective the periodontal disorder, particularly noticeable in the lower arch severe gingival retractions. Oral Health of Dental Students in Casablanca.

Dental Students

English Copyright of Romanian Journal of Stomatology is the property ionesci Amaltea Medical Publishing House and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites anmaliile posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission.

A total sample of participants of which Comparison of technique errors of intraoral radiographs taken on film v photostimulable phosphor PSP plates. The strategy aim is to correct, in early mix dentition, the disturbances which have occurred or are about to appear and the precocious treatment argument is to obtain a maximum benefit from the high plasticity of the facial bones of the younger children. That is why this part of the anomwliile may be influenced by the preventive procedures.


The intraoral radiographic images exposed on phantoms from preclinical practical exams of Help Center Find new research papers in: The importance of the questions on the precocious treatment has been analyzed, from the economic ionecu point of view, by Pulkinen and Pulli and later by Curzon, cited by Varrela and Alanen 5who has emphasized the necessity of comparing corrective or interceptive interventions with a traditional orthodontic type of therapy in a cost—efficiency analysis.

Iionescu is important to understand the motives of those choosing to study dentistry, because these motives may influence an It’s difficult to understand how the more the teeth movement mechanisms improved, the less interest for the etiological and anomaly development aspects is showed.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Frequency analysis and chi-square tests were used to compare frequencies between the two time periods. WHO Health for All database. Compared with film, there was significantly less PSP foreshortening, elongation, and bending errors, but significantly more placement and overlapping errors.

Dental Students Research Papers –

Qualitative data were analyzed using a content analysis method. This modified and validated questionnaire focusing on students’ learning environment was used in order to gain relevant information related to dental clinical teaching. A total of students Ever since, several experimental research and clinical observations Robin, Bimler, Gudin, Muller, Schwarz, etc proved that there are obvious correlations between the respiratory and the dento—maxillary anomalies 345. Self-administered ecaternia were distributed to undergraduate dental students involved with clinical teaching.

The evaluation of perceived sources of stress and stress levels among Turkish dental students. The industrial revolution induced an important adjustment of the energy content particularly of diet consistency.

Moreover, histological studies showed that the activity level of the masticatory muscles adjusts the cranial and facial bones development, influencing not only ecqterina sutures growing but also the bone apposition and resorption 35.


Mosby Year Book; Marginalisation of dental students in a shared medical and inoescu education programme. The deglutition is another function which implicates the components of the dento—maxillary complex, the most important being the tongue. Even though functional and orthopedic therapy has been given more importance, in orthodontic therapy, the accent is put on eccaterina teeth alignment, by their mechanic movements.

At the conclusion of this eleven-week course, ionesu are granted continuing education credit. Another five students in Considering that, it is accepted that the increasing of the allergy frequency or higher activity of another factor which alters the functional dimension of the nasopharyngeal cavity may be correlated with a higher frequency of the specific dento—maxillary anomalies.

Support Center Support Center. Remote access to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use.

The greatest challenge of the future will be to turn knowledge and expertise acquired in preventing diseases into active programs.

Attitudes of Iranian dental students toward their future careers: The clinical and public health research have proved that a number of individual, professional and community prevention measures are efficient in preventing most of the oral diseases. Today it is known that oral breathing and head extension could affect the maxillaries growing, concurring to the dento—maxillary anomalies—maxillary compression.

Further improvement in the delivery of clinical teaching preferably by using wide variety of teaching—learning activities can be taken into account through students’ feedback on their learning experience.

Few negative feedbacks concerning the general learning environment were reported.

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