Here is the stunning international bestseller in the tradition of Watership Down but with a dark, original twist. Unique, daring, and unforgettable. Empire of the Ants has ratings and reviews. Adam said: What a strange book. It is essentially pages of ant fanfic, which is why it gets as. Empire of the Ants has ratings and reviews. Lukáš said: Ano, vidite dobre! Palivo cetl sci-fi! Co se to stalo? Inu, hned vam to

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Jonathan Jung rated it it was ok Feb 24, bernhaard La Saga des Fourmis 1. It is a world where death takes many forms—savage birds and voracious lizards, warlike dwarf ants and rapacious termites, poisonous beetles and, most bizarre of all, werbed swift, murderous, giant guardians of the edge of the world: Deux histoires, l’une des humains, et l’autre des fourmis.

It was released in English as Empire of the Ants. By comparison, the cast of human characters presented in a parallel narrative are positively dull, and empkre out of sorts as all humans, by implication, must be without the blessed purposefulness of the bernharr lives.

Yet again, it was the termites who had thought up the idea of feeding foreign populations so that they would fight beside them during invasions. Tout est assez realiste and base sur la biologie, Werber ajoute seulment un peu de agence pour rendre l’histoire de les fourmis plus attrayante. Took me ages to get in to the book. Ona si myslela, ze je reinkarnaci Einsteina nebo da Vinciho.

Empire of the Ants (La Saga des Fourmis, #1) by Bernard Werber (1 star ratings)

Books by Bernard Werber. Here is the stunning international bestseller in the tradition of Watership Down but with a dark, original twist. For the sake of security, they decided to hold their first meeting in the very depths of the city in one of the rooms on the fiftieth floor. He suspects that a colony of another ant species has attacked them with a secret weapon, and attempts to meet with the queen and to rally other ants to investigate the disaster.


But nuff of it, I’m putting it away. Each of them tried to grab hold of the other’s thoracic joints.

Empire of the Ants by Bernard Werber – Review | BookPage | BookPage

Le Livre de Poche. Byval jsem tehdy docela casto strizlivy, to je asi jedine logicke zduvodneni. Lists with This Book. Nakonec se do sklepa vydava stoleta babicka debila a dva vedci. In any case, what ants convey to each other through these chemical messages lies beyond any exact verbal transcription a human being could devise.

La Saga des Fourmis. The game received “mixed” reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. Bernhxrd was only a training exercise.

Oct 16, Carmen rated it did not like it. And I didn’t love the ant characters either, though I am largely more informed about their societies and warfare than I was before.

Other books in the series. The novel became a cult hit across Europe, and Werber followed it with two other books in the same vein: View all 5 comments. This was the city”s solarium, the “factory” producing Belokanian citizens.

Empire of the Ants

It was all in the mind. Vse aants v teto knize lidi vypudi z pusy byl opravdovy klenot. They were howling to be fed, waving their heads and legs about and stretching their necks until the nurses let them have a little honeydew or insect meat. A little on the strange side for me. The duels were quite realistic all the same.


Nurses carefully pierced the veil of the cocoon, releasing an antenna or leg, until a kind of white ant was freed to tremble and sway. Buy the Mass Market Paperback: Trivia About Empire of the Ant The ants emire gladly have responded by imitating their enemies and taking termite legions into their pay to fight the termites. Tuhle knihu jsem totiz cetl kdyz mi bylo cca ctrnact.

Books by Bernard Werber. The plot begins as two stories that take place in parallel: Na to se empife debil vydava hledat, coz zpusobuje rozbroje doma.

They used this lethargic phase to prepare for the coming effort, gathering their energies to secrete the cocoons that would transform them into nymphs. She shoved them away vigorously and went on her way. The Ants is a science fiction novel by French writer Bernard Werber.

La partie des bernhwrd est vraiment pas terrible: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mathilde rated it did not like it May 27, They seemed stronger than most. To ask other readers questions about Empire of the Antsplease sign up.

It smelled of rock.

It was a revolutionary idea, and the ant armies had been quite surprised when they had to confront sisters of the same species fighting for the termites.

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