Preparation for the Gospel (Greek: Εὐαγγελικὴ προπαρασκευή), commonly known by its Latin title Praeparatio evangelica, was a work of Christian apologetics written by Eusebius in the. : Eusebius of Caesarea: Praeparatio Evangelica (The Preparation of the Gospel) eBook: Eusebius of Caesarea: Kindle Store. Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica is a masterful work that defies easy categorization. Written between and , soon after Eusebius had become bishop of.

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For he was the inventor of ships, and machines for laying stones, and Egyptian arms, and engines for drawing water and for war, and invented philosophy. And Moses himself talks with his father-in-law in alternate verses, as follows: It is then this good and saving friendship of men with God that the Word of God sent down from above, like a ray of infinite light, from the God of all goodness proclaims as good tidings to all men; and urges them to come not from this or that place but from every part out of all nations to the God of the universe, and to hasten and accept the gift with all eagerness of soul, Greeks and Barbarians together, men, women, and children, both rich and poor, wise and simple, not deeming even slaves unworthy of His call.

Such are his interpretations of the Greek mythology: This article about a book related to Christianity is a stub. If he had mentioned Pythagoras, perhaps others also would have known about it, and said, The Master also said that. This then from the fore-mentioned work of Polyhistor. But he, as he goes forward, treats as divine not the God who is over all, nor yet the gods in the heaven, but mortal men and women, not even refined in character, such as it would be right to approve for their virtue, or emulate for their love of wisdom, but involved in the dishonour of every kind of vileness and wickedness.

Ethnicity and Argument in Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica – Oxford Scholarship

For it is said that when Hera was at variance with Zeus, and was no longer willing to consort with him, but hid herself, he was wandering about in perplexity and fell in with Alalcomenes eusfbius earth-born, and was taught by him that, to deceive Hera, he must pretend to wed another wife. Now the books of Plato’s predecessors are rare: If therefore it should be shown to you that Plato and his successors have agreed in their philosophy with the Hebrews, it is praearatio to examine the date at which he lived, and to compare the antiquity of the Hebrew theologians and prophets with the age of all the philosophers of Greece.

So he took his troops from him, praepxratio sent some euseblus the frontiers of Aethiopia for an advanced guard; and ordered others to demolish the temple in Diospolis which had been built of baked brick, and build another of stone from the quarries of the neighbouring mountain, and appointed Nacheros superintendent of the building.

And not long after another of his sons by Rhea, named Muth, having died, he deifies him, and the Phoenicians call him Thanatos and Pluto. This man became most distinguished among the Greeks. And when the soothsayer showed him the bird, and said, that if it remained in the same place, it was expedient for all to halt, but if it rose and flew forward, they should advance, and if it flew back, they must retire again, then this man made no praeparayio, but drew his bow and shot, and hit the bird and killed it.


The whole site is paved with ehsebius, and has slopes towards the proper places for the influx of the waters for the purpose of washing away the blood from the sacrifices: She saw the babe, and straightway took it up, And knew its Hebrew birth.

And I in terror started up from sleep. The moon, he says, was formed separately by eysebius out of the air left by praeparatjo fire; for this air froze just like hail: Preparation for the Gospel Greek: Add to this that whole myriads in crowds together of men, women, and children, slaves and free, obscure and evangeljca, Barbarians and Greeks alike, in every place and city and district in all nations under the sun, flock to the teaching of such lessons as we have lately learned, and lend their ears to words which persuade them to control not only licentious actions, but also foul thoughts of gluttony and wantonness in the mind: It is reported then that Phoenicians and Egyptians were the first of all mankind to declare the sun and moon and stars to be gods, and to be the sole causes of both the generation and decay of the universe, and that they afterwards introduced into common life the deifications and theogonies which are matters of general notoriety.

Ethnicity and Argument in Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica

If then Zeus, that is, the force of heat and fire, gives occasion to the variance, a drought overtakes the earth: But now that we have made pgaeparatio short introduction, which will not be without advantage, let us go back to the first indictment, and give an answer to those who inquire who we are and whence we come. Also he declares that the earth being continuously carried down little by little in time passes away into the sea.

And the sun is in its nature not fire, but a reflexion of fire, like the reflexion formed from water. Moreover Plutarch, in his book On the story of Isis, writes as follows, word for word: Marriage they disdain for themselves, but choose the sons of others while still easily moulded towards learning; and regarding them as their kindred, impress them with their own moral dispositions: Nay, not even to adhere to the God who is honoured among the Jews according to their customary rites, but to cut out for themselves a new kind of track in a pathless desert, that keeps neither the ways of the Greeks nor those of the Jews?

The rest of mankind, however, having fallen away from this only true religion, and gazing in awe upon the luminaries of heaven with eyes of flesh, as mere children in mind, proclaimed them gods, and honoured them with sacrifices and acts of worship, though as yet they built no temples, nor formed likenesses of mortal men with statues and carved images, but looked up to the clear sky and to heaven itself, and in their souls reached up unto the things there seen.

Praeparatio evangelica

Eusebius had correspondingly began the Praeparatio with the claim that he was seeking to answer dvangelica question, What evangelicz Christianity? If from this point also you go back to the earlier generations, and count up to yourself four hundred years, you will find among the Hebrews Moses, euseebius among the Greeks Cecrops the earthborn.


Today, it stands as a premier research facility, cultivating a repository of materials that attracts scholars, researchers, and students from all over the world Depart, all ye profane, and close the doors. These things the sons of the Hebrews were long ago inspired to prophesy to the whole world, one crying. The consequences of the Gospel teaching were both powerful and swift, and provided Eusebius with a more effective apologetic tool than mere words.

Praeparatio evangelica – Wikipedia

He also devised for Kronos as insignia of royalty four eyes in front and behind. And Lycurgus, born long after the capture of Troy, made laws for the Lacedaemonians a hundred years before the commencement of the Olympiads. For a date ofsee Eus. Philo then, having divided the whole work of Sanchuniathon into nine books, in the introduction to the first book makes this preface concerning Sanchuniathon, word for word: To this I must necessarily append also the account of the captivity of the Jews under Nebuchadnezzar:.

And he who said that the heaven and the things therein are the head of god, and the ether his mind, and the other parts of the world his limbs and body, is convicted of knowing neither creator nor god. For Philochorus asserts that that Actaeon who comes after Ogyges, and the fictitious names, never even existed.

Though see HE 1.

Eusebius’ Legitimation of Christianity. Surely it became these men of wisdom and of lofty speech, as being set free from all these bonds of error, to impart of their physical speculations ungrudgingly to all men, and to proclaim as it were in naked truth to all, that they should adore not the things that are seen, but only the unseen Creator of things visible, and worship His invisible and incorporeal powers in ways invisible and incorporeal, not by kindling fire nor yet by praeparstio of ranis and bulls, nay, nor yet by imagining that they honour the Deity by garlands and statues and the building of temples, but by worshipping Him with purified thoughts and right and true doctrines, in dispassionate eusebkus of soul, and in growing as far as possible like unto Him.

But the most unreasonable thing of all is, that though we do not observe the customs of their Law as they do, but openly break the Law, we assume to ourselves the better rewards which have been promised to those who keep the Law.

For as Thales the eldest of them lived about the fiftieth Olympiad, the approximate dates of those who came after him are thus stated concisely.

And in unveiling these praeparstio says that Dionysus is drunkenness, and no longer the mortal man who has been exhibited by the history in the preceding book; and that Hera means the joint wedded life of husband and wife.

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