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About us Fcx FAQ. End Point 2 – Same as End Point 1, just in the opposite direction. Henk Suylen, head of Proline Products: I am going to add the ability to Import and Export Templates and Configurations. Configuration Tab – Functions Although they have prl options, they are most useful in the Mixers Tab. The application is self updating. The Heli configurations automatically add mixing to the channel output.

Configuration Tab – Columns Rev – Reverse the servo movement direction. If I knew DigitalRadio existed, I probably would not have written my own. I must be retarded. Originally Posted prk charlesconklin I didn’t know there was an ability to Calibrate. Please let me know if you find any issue or have any recommendations. I do not know if it works.


Transmitter FCX6 2,4 GHz throttle left, Jamara-Shop

Configuration Tab – Type Mode – This changes the channel number configuration of the transmitter. Make changes without the transmitter connected and post the changes to the transmitter later. There are 3 different ones as noted on http: I might just pick up another so my son can fly with me.

Channel granularity is steps End Point 1 – How far the servo will move before stopping when the controller is moved full in one direction. By now we are also the clear market leader for high end bait boats in England — the mother country of bait fcx. Feb 16, If it works, it certainly looks better than T6Config.

Only registered users can write reviews. Run the “T6 Configuration. Apr 30, Korda’s Ali Hamidi picked up his preordered Baitboat and gives us an interview: When you run the application, it will update itself from the internet when a new version is available.

Jamara fcx6 pro manual ※ Do – tiedisevi

I can’t get it to work. OK, I added the Calibration option. Download the “T6 Configuration.

I didn’t know there was an ability rcx6 Calibrate. I would need Data stream information. Mar 27, Try it out and let me know what you think. With more than 50k fans and followers on our Facebook page, prp is by far worldwide biggest fan site around the topic bait boats He is a professional model builder and works for one of the most prestigious model electronics suppliers DR On – When a switch that is assigned to Dual Rate is switched in the on position, this setting can reduce the End Points by this percentage.


I’ll look into this tonight. The Templates are zipped and need to be unzipped prior to importing into the application.

Download and install MSChart. Let me know what fcz6 think. T6 Configuration If that doesn’t work, download the zip file. You can install from this location: Thanks, I can’t wait to try it!

Template Creation and Use for faster setup of aircraft. I really don’t like what is on it now. I personally use DigitalRadio.

Transmitter FCX6 2,4 GHz throttle left

If oro have any questions about products you already purchased or about the current status of your order you can cont Toslon X-Boat Baitboat. I Borrowed the one I gave to my brother so I can test properly.

Downloaded over 15, times, thanks everyone! RT4 BaitSpiral – Screw.

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