Has anyone heard of this? Apparantly if you had a child between and your tax code didnt change you might be entitled to claim. Please use this form to give details of total taxable income for the above tax year. documents with this form. . and we will send you a claim form 11CTC. If it wasn’t in your tax code already for those years (and you were parents then) then they will send you a form to sign (11CTC) and they might.

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Submitted by Dimples on Call the tax office on – check you’re eligible – you probably will be. People need to go to www.

kids born april 2003 or before? unclaimed tax credits up to £1,000

Latest News British Columbia: But i’m going to put a covering letter in just in case to explain why no one is cliaming, just as the dead line to claim is getting close and so i don’t want to delay it, if they don’t really understand why i’m putting no.

Murder Girl’s tears for big brother after heartbroken 11ctcc forced to separate them. There’s a tax refund available for people with a child born between April 6 and 5 April In the help section under D it asks if the other person they lived with is claiming, i explained that DS was in FC, he said that was fine and to just tick the no box and leave it at that.

Don”t miss out if you are entitled, it is easy to claim for a simple form! Balls, It is means tested.


PH – Reader’s Car of the Year. Submitted by on Just curious to know how people got on – Did anyone actually get this money?

Apologies if posted elsewhere. Prev of 3 2 3 Next. Submitted by twoplustwo on Did anyone actually get any money? This IS definitely means tested as are all the myriad and stupidly complicated Tax Credits. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

Court case Man who stabbed British exchange student to death is jailed for 18 years. From the bottom of my bank balance, I Salute you. If foorm staying in here’s how you can treat yourself to a free takeaway tonight. You need to phone HMRC on your tax office number and ask them to check whether you have already received this allowance and, if not, enquire as to what action you need to take.

Dublin Airport Passenger shares heartwarming gesture from airport security guard. For political purposes, Gordon Brown decided that the expression “means tested benefit” would not be good even if it was accurate and replaced it with the misleading term “Tax Credit”.

Claim for children’s tax credit by Saturday – or miss out – Mirror Online

PH – Most memorable drives. The trouble with life is Here is one for all you hard working guys and gals out there A forum in which to discuss any health and family issues or just chat.

Sat Jul 12, 8: Energy bills Energy bills to drop for 11 million people at midnight and this is who will save As Big From rings in the new year and fireworks explode, 11 million customers will see their energy bills fall – this is who and by how much. Our Forum archive contains the content from our Forums from before September Frankly I’m a bit miffed that I have to pay for other people’s children. The cookie settings on this website are set to “allow cookies” to give you the best browsing experience possible.


Liverpool FC Virgil van Dijk reveals what Sokratis said to spark Anfield tunnel bust-up The pair clashed as they made their way off at half-time during Liverpool’s win over Arsenal on Saturday.

As I stated 11dtc 30th December, here is the weblink: By posting content to TruckNet, you’re agreeing to our terms of use and confirm that you have read our Privacy Policyand our Cookie Use Policy. Terms and Conditions Posting Rules.

Search My Stuff What’s New 3 12 24 NickyTwoHats Original Poster 2, posts months. You can still claim this tax allowance before the 31 January deadline. Wed Nov 14, 8: Steamer 10, posts months. Submitted by sunflower6 on Was wondering how people got on. Sat May 05, 9: Because of the general six year Statute of Limitations rules for making allowance claims, the last chance to make this particular claim is 31 January Parenting Worried mum’s post about son wanting princess dress causes stir on social media.

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