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EU support for not-for-profit organisations promoting life skills among school pupils.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Ils ont des pistes dans ce domaine, qu’il faut encore confirmer. In order to receive an export refund, the exporter must first request an export licence. Under Horizonthe Commission foresees to fund research to develop effective prevention and screening methods and programmes and improve the assessment of disease susceptibility.

In the case of beef ka, this licence should indicate the destination. In order to mitigate this risk it has adopted a holistic approach going beyond microcredit to include other financial products and additional social services, tailored to the needs of the poorest. The causes of air pollution include, democdacia example, the use of fossil fuels in the generation of electricity and in transport, industry and households, and industrial processes, agriculture and waste management.

Does the Commission intend to bring this to the attention of the ICAO, so that sanctions will be imposed on the candidate country involved? Why does it patently refuse to go into the specific subject matter of the individual cases raised in the questions?

Whereas the system of production that relies on the rice fields is under threat and, giovanno a consequence of this, the existence of the Delta too, since without the rice, the flooded fields and democrzcia that supports the environment would disappear.

The ECB’s access to national gold reserves. How does it view those positive expectations in the light of the systematically deteriorating situation in Turkey? If so, what are they? This year alone, people have been executed in Iraq; however, the true number could even be higher since Iraqi authorities do not publish full figures.

The EU is sagtori discussing these issues with all relevant stakeholders 3 the Nigerian authorities, civil society and the international oil companies.

What is its position on the question of interest rates? Despite the European crisis, the migratory pressure on Melilla and Ceuta has remained at similar levels to those seen inand the Government Delegation in Melilla now asserts that this rope maze sarttori not sufficient.


Establishing an EU-wide database of unidentified bodies. Importantly, the restructuring plans approved by the Commission intend to put the banks in the condition to maintain and increase lending to the real economy, in particular to SMEs.

It must be underlined that, as special adviser, he does not acquire any additional pension rights and that he does not receive a fixed salary, but a fee for each day effectively worked. The number of cases of hepatitis E which have occurred spontaneously in EU countries has risen recently, with viral strains being common to both people and some animals.

It therefore does not have details of the costs for installing barbed wire in Melilla. The Space theme under Horizon itself is aimed at developing multipurpose space capability as it addresses space technologies, products and applications that will be of interest in other sectors. Following Olympic Airlines’ privatisation inconsumers benefitted from the choice between two airlines on many important commercial routes.

The content of these negotiations was regularly reviewed by the Eurogroup. The matter was investigated by the Commission and closed in on the basis of lack of evidence that would indicate a breach of the applicable EU environmental law. L’azione comune comprende un pacchetto di lavoro principale dedicato esclusivamente al diabete, e mira a identificare e ad eliminare gli ostacoli che si frappongono alla prevenzione, allo screening e al trattamento del diabete.

Stassen to the Commission. Microfinance projects and their impact on child labour. Does the Commission agree that the Commissioner responsible for the Digital Agenda has no business promoting European values — in this case media freedom and pluralism — beyond EU borders? If not, what is the Commission’s interpretation of the accusation? Threat to the Peloponnese rail network. If not, what are the consequences for the accession negotiations?

Como empresa privada, gestionada por profesionales, la SAREB toma decisiones de manera independiente con el fin de cumplir mejor sus objetivos. Multinational collaboration needs to be intensified in critical, mainly strategic capability areas such as Air-to-Air Refuelling, Remotely Piloted Air Systems, Satellite Communication and Cyber Defence.

The growing job insecurity that is spreading exponentially in Italy in various employment sectors has also hit journalism, and is imposing unacceptable working conditions and financial treatment on the majority of information workers, external contributors and freelance workers. Welke toelichting geeft de Commissie op het feit dat zij in de beantwoording van de aan haar gerichte schriftelijke vragen continu louter naar haar voortgangsverslag verwijst?

Is the Commission prepared, for a change, not to come up with the stock answer that accession negotiations simply have to continue precisely because the situation in Turkey is bad? Regulation of the sale and purchase asrtori agricultural land by natural persons in Romania. A progress report is expected by mid and shall include concrete proposals in the work strands enumerated in the Council conclusions including the development of defence capacities.


EUR-Lex – CFULL – EN – EUR-Lex

Now we are seeing it in Cyprus. Daarom heeft de Commissie herhaaldelijk benadrukt dat er giovani minder dan meer beperkingen op de media nodig zijn in Turkije.

On the basis of which objective criteria set by the Commission has this situation come about? However, at the moment industrial CHP is facing several market challenges as the democrcaia market slowly makes the transition.

Nella sfera delle sue competenze in materia di concorrenza, tuttavia, la Commissione interviene in tutti i settori, compreso quello bancario. No sum is forecast to be carried over to How reasonable is the increase in financing?

If not, how can the Commission guarantee that the reverse is true? Or of providing credit under certain conditions to small local companies? How does it explain the lack of control and supervision internally, by the board of auditors and by the Bank of Italy? Under this guideline, regular information exchanges on toy safety rules and standards have taken place as well as toy safety seminars and training of AQSIQ staff to improve enforcement activities at source.

Turkish authorities need to guarantee security for all citizens, while ensuring that measures are in line with European standards concerning fundamental rights. Europe is not an endemic region as regards Hepatitis, but sporadic Hepatitis E cases have been detected in France, The Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Norway, indicating a wide distribution of the virus in the Union.

La Demoracia en 30 lecciones by Isa Witz on Prezi

In light of the above, is the Commission intending to ask the Spanish Government denocracia provide it with information on the extent of territorial implementation of the State budgets? Developing technical guidelines to promote a consistent approach for mixture assessment across different EU legislations.

Fortification of the Melilla border fence.

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