Two arms of British administration originated (Secretary of State of India, Viceroy and Governor General of India to look after the administration of India). A comprehensive web page on general knowledge related to British Governor Generals and Viceroys in India. Download the PDF list of Governor General & Viceroy of India. Prepare strongly for General Knowledge for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL & Railways.

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The powers of the Governor-General, in respect of foreign affairs, were increased by the India Act Instead, the one member who had a vote only on legislative questions came to be appointed by the Sovereign, and the other three members by the Secretary govetnor State for India.

Rajagopalachari became the only Indian Governor-General. It also covers the important achievements and events that took place during their time.

Ov Napier acting — It was the worst measure of Lord Cornwallis. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Charles Cornwallis The Marquess Cornwallis [nb 2] — The Governor-General continued gemerals be the sole representative of the Crown, and the Government of India continued to be vested in the Governor-General-in-Council. Das and Motilal Nehru The Charter Act made further changes to the structure of the Council. Passed Local Self Government act in If the Empire loses any other part of its Dominion we can survive, but if we lose India, the sun of our Empire will have set.

Governor-General of India – Wikipedia

The Act was the first law to distinguish between the executive and legislative responsibilities of the Governor-General. He was appointed infia first Viceroy after the war.

Roy, Greetings from Eduncle!

After the nation became a republic inthe President of India continued to perform the same functions. The remaining princely rulers were overseen govvernor by the Rajputana Agency and Central India Agencywhich were headed by representatives of the Viceroy, or by provincial authorities. Thanks for sharing out your suggestion with us. The Viceroy was empowered to appoint an additional six to twelve members changed to ten to sixteen inand to sixty in Of those Viceroys who were not peers, Sir John Shore was a baronetand Lord William Bentinck was entitled to the courtesy title ‘ Lord ‘ because he was the vicerogs of a Duke.


Lord Chelmsford August Declaration ofafter which the control over the Indian Government would be transferred to Indian people. He believed in the separation of powers, therefore he deprived the District Collector gennerals judicial powers and created the new post of District Judge. The office was created inwith the title of Governor-General of the Presidency of Fort William.

Hello Rishu, Greetings from Eduncle! When at sea, only the Viceroy flew the flag from the mainmast, while other officials flew it from the foremast.

He also suppressed female infanticide and child sacrifice. As per the Regulating Act ofthe post of Governor general came into existence. The mansion remained in use until grnerals capital moved from Calcutta to Delhi in Subscribe to Eduncle Blog. This last flag was the ajd flag anr the Governor-General only. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: General Awareness is considered an integral part of the competitive exams. The Lord Amherst [nb 5] — Retrieved from ” https: Representatives of the monarch in Commonwealth realms and Dominions.

Nand Kumar was critic of Warren Hastings, indicted in false case and sentenced to death. The governor-general regularly used the title in communications with gdnerals Imperial Legislative Councilbut all legislation was made only in the name of the Governor-General-in-Council or the Government of India. We value your generous feedback. Partition of Bengal was cancelled and capital shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in However, once India acquired independence, the Governor-General’s role became almost entirely ceremonial, with power being exercised on a day-to-day egnerals by the Indian cabinet.


That status came only with the Charter Actwhich granted him “superintendence, direction and control of the whole civil and military Government” of all of British India.

British Governor Generals and Viceroys

Started financial decentralization in India. Richard WellesleyEarl of Mornington [nb 3] — The Earl of Elgin — He adopted the policy of Subsidiary Alliance- a system to generls the Indian rulers under control and to make British the supreme power.

Inmotivated by corruption in the Company, the British government assumed partial control over the governance of India inda the passage of the Regulating Act of Throughout the British administration, Governors-General retreated to the Viceregal Lodge Rashtrapati Niwas at Shimla each summer to escape the heat, and the government of India moved with them.

Introduction of Civil Services in India. Complete authority over all of British India was granted inand the official came to be known as the “Governor-General of India”. Vernacular Press Act,for better control of Indian newspapers was passed during his tenure. This flag was not the Viceroy’s personal flag; it was also used by Governors, Lieutenant Governors, Chief Commissioners and other British officers in India.

Governors-General of India Lists of governors-general India history-related lists. Partition of Bengal into two provinces- Bengal and East Bengal was done during his time. The Lord Napier acting —

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