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The real heart of this novel, however, is the land itself. Wish I’d read this soon after Hunger back in or so.

To illustrate the importance of work, the book’s cast of characters includes a variety of personalities illustrating how those who don’t work will most likely not succeed. For Hamsun, the ground of all possible human meaning is, of course, none other than our relationship with the natural world. The political stain of Hamsun’s later years does not take away from his narrative power, but it should be mentioned as part of who he was, hamsub what he developed into.

A few lost souls gave it 2 stars, some 3.

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He is way into the hinterland. Want to Read saving…. Do Hamsun’s Nazi sympathies detract from the story’s morals? She is unmarried, so she is supposed to bear this child in her body while trying to hide it. In a society in which hyperreality breeds all kinds hammsun psychological disturbances at a cultural level, in which artificial lifeforms are becoming a reality, and in which even the most basic relationships the nuclear family embodied have largely disintegrated, what can Hamsun tell us about poiesis and hambr that we can live by?

The critical difference between one character and another – whether it be a difference in temperament, values, ideas, priorities, etc – is always traceable paan to this difference in existential grounding, in the way each character stands in relation to the inscrutable face of the landscape. These encounters, these moments of habmre realization, by which we are built up in our innermost reserves of being are never shared among the characters.

My own feeling is that he would urge us to remember, wherever we may go in the end. The copy he gave me had once belonged to Norma M.


But as I read I became increasingly hambrre with the way the omniscient narrator lines up all things male and agrarian with virtue and wisdom, while female and town are equated with vanity, shallowness and corruption.

Knut Hamsun Center, Norway

There is magical little moments where the natural world and the human world comingle spiritually; where Inger witnesses tiny fish singing to her or when the ducks seem to speak to the son with their voice passing through his soul. Paperbackpages.

hamrbe The novel begins with a youthful Isak setting out on his own and by the end he is reflecting upon old age as he begins to embrace the deterioration of his strength and body and leave the future in the hands of his full grown children. I could like societies to move closer to nature – find a balance, more trees and more tolerance to animals and stuff, but returning to complete primitivism is totally another thing and that, unfortunately, was centeral theme of novel if you were to be believe Wiki.

This novel was however issued in field editions to German soldiers during WWII, which is understandable as the novel exudes a deep love for ones homeland. Campbell Sports Center, en Nueva York. Just so, there is something unbridgeable between human characters, islands of incommunicable hamsnu that they are in this much vaster-than-human continuum that ever lies in the background of Hamsun’s explicit narrative.

Growth of the Soil

In solitude and silence only are we given the unique shape the pressure of the world reveals for us, as irreducibly singular existents. But the truth is that it makes it difficult to read the story without subconsciously scouting for the odd remark, the hidden idealism. Even when things do happen, Hamsun’s writing is surprisingly calm despite the possibility hmbre disaster.

The relative dearth of description here left a void in my reading, wanting to know, as I did, just how she stands in this primal encounter with the pressure of the world, and what kind of dent pann leaves behind through her daily activity. On the roof garden, long grass refers to traditional Norwegian sod roofs in a modern way. This one reminds me a lot of hamsuun simplicity of John Williams’s “Stoner”, but with a lot less emotion.


Perhaps even more particular is his continued support of Nazism even after the end of WW2, when the elderly Hamsun wrote a eulogy for Hitler singing of his tremendous efforts to renew a “proper” society.

Herning Center for the Arts, Denmark. He cultivates land, does a little building, acquires livestock and tells a passing Lapp that he would like to meet a woman. It gets my goat when all the life threatening dangers and complex issues of giving birth in rural areas are bundled off into sensationalist accounts of infanticide and demonized women with severely belittled arguments galore, while the insufferably proud and corrupt politician Geissler is turned into a glorified trickster god simply because he makes Isak happy.

Neither is the story of Isak’s primordial poietic activity of shaping and subduing the land for human use, rendered as it is with so much insistent, loving detail, complemented by a more detailed story of Inger’s poieses.

Return to Book Page. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Ir a la barra de herramientas Buscar. It’s also funny to ,nut that while everyone else becomes more twisted and malformed the longer they stay in urban centers, Geissler simply wanders unscathed through some sort of mysterious unknown when he’s not dropping in to coddle his investment in Isak.

I wouldn’t have minded it nearly so much if Hamsun hadn’t been so smug about the pa of his characters whenever they deviate from the superhuman farmer mentality.

This unspoken preverbal relationship – the root of all knowledge and truth – comes forth in Hamsun’s novel, as the psychic umbilical cord of each character, the very breath of their life and vision. What kind of lullabies does she sing?

Jul 23, Lynne King rated it it was amazing Hqmsun So where’s the something “rotting him from hamdun akin to the case of Elesus? I never felt bored, but I don’t see t 3.

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