“I was just calling down there to tell him you were here, but there’s no answer. Hopefully that means “Fine.” Hygienic or not, he was hungry. “Here you go.”. Clever, steamy [with] a deliciously wicked sense of humor that readers will gobble up.”. Hungry For You: An Argeneau Novel OMG!! Have any of you read this yet? THIS was classic Lynsay Sands. Everything you’ve ever loved about.

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You have been trying to keep me under. He slapped a bag of blood to his own teeth as he sat on the stool.

Refresh and try again. Surrender to the Highlander.

Bricker stopped his explanation on a low curse and squeezed his eyes closed briefly. Get in here and try to read her. Jun 12, Clarice rated it it was amazing. I didn’t feel any connection to Cale, he could have been any guy in any romance novel.

Sign up for my weekly newsletter. I don’t buy it. An English Bride in Scotland. Unlike some of the recent books in the series, this title stays away from attempts at serious conflict and only has a token bad guy. The Argeneau Pynsay books certainly accomplish both and this latest installment just reaffirmed my loyalty to this series is still holding strong!

Book Review – Hungry For You by Lynsay Sands

The only thing that I wasn’t too keen on was that the entire trio of sisters turned out to be life mates for a vampire. Sands for another outstanding read in the series. I see them hitting the retirement homes to troll for chicks.


View all 4 dor. This book series is one of my all time favorites. She is the sister to Jo and Sam Willan. Great read as usual Cale bumped around, constantly making gaffe’s in his attempts to hide his feeding or immortal status from Alex.

Hungry for You

The new restaurant opens in two weeks. Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire. Confessions of a Vampire’s Girlfriend.

Hungry for You is on my Christmas list, and a must-purchase for my library. The two of you have been going at it like a pair of bunnies for months, with no sign of letting up. The supporting characters are always great in this series. Sam has two sisters whom she’s very close to, Jo and Alex, and didn’t want to change when she met her lifemate, Morti Cale Valens is one of the ancient immortals, born in BCE, and the nephew of Marguerite Argeneau, matchmaker extraordinaire.

Instead, Sands made Alex’s strength come largely from the people that she has lost: But with Jo settled down with another Argeneau – and turned as well – Alex is the only one left. But, when he discovered that he couldn’t read Alex’s mind and that she was indeed destined to be his life mate, he decided to fake it. She wondered with a frown.


Book Review – Hungry For You by Lynsay Sands – Maryse’s Book Blog

Pretending to be a chef is his friend Bricker’s idea, and it’s disastrous – luckily, they can change people’s memories and make them think they’re eating gourmet food instead of blackened fish. That’s when Cale Valens turns up and declares he is a master chef from France. We also get other well-known characters appearing in this one, notably Bricker, Mortimer, Marguerite and Lucian and their lifemates. Alex closed her eyes. Alex drummed her fingers thoughtfully on the desk.

In this installation, we meet another “sort of vampire” immortal infected with nanos who is looking for his lifemate, and takes another longstanding character’s suggestion to see if a local chef might be the one.

Cale pulled a second stool out, but had barely settled on the high seat zands the soft shush of sliding glass doors opening and closing sounded from the next room. So funny how Bricker says was there something you wanted or were you just trying to spoon me to death lol. Yes No Thanks for your feedback!

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