Technical Data Sheet – Irgafos (pdf), EN, View (47k). Material Safety Data Sheet, EN Material Safety Data Sheet, ES, CL, View (38k). Material Safety Data . Irgafos 38 | Chemwatch – global provider of online chemical management and compliance solutions. Author and manage SDSs, manage use & transport of. 11)12)((38(4,5)6)(35)41(13,14)15) (39(7,8)9)(36)42(16 Irgafos ; tris-(2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl) phosphite.

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The polymer moulding powder should preferably comprise 0. IE Irgafox legal event code: AT Free format text: Polyolefinepoedersamenstellingen, in particular polyethylene powder compositions having improved adhesion, and to manufacture thereof, and articles of manufacture. The phenolic antioxidant is most preferably [Octadecyl 3- 3′,5′-di-tert. The phenolic antioxidant should be approved for use in polyolefins in contact with food and is preferably [Octadecyl 3- 3′,5′-di-tert.

Zinc Stearate powder was added and the mixture blended for another five minutes. These products may be used in the food industry. These blends must be very homogeneous and without wishing to be limited by theory, it is envisaged that the blends described below have greater solubility and compatibility with polymers such as polyethylene thus surprisingly allowing direct rotomoulding of the polymer powder without deposit formation. It is also possible to employ a mixture of these compounds.


A process as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 10 irgatos all the components of said mixture are approved for contact with food. There was no deposit of UV-stabilizer on the mould visual inspection of the mould and FT-IR analysis and the moulded products had satisfactory impact strength and UV stability.


The YI values for the rotomoulded articles made in Examples 5 and 6 are lower than those associated with conventional rotomoulded articles.

A process as claimed in any one of claims 1 to 7 wherein said metal stearate is zinc stearate. Thus, if a mechanically fluidised porous particulate support is impregnated with a suitable catalyst and a cocatalyst and the monomer s are polymerised, ideal polymer particles for rotomoulding are obtained. Chimassorb and Chimassorb are available from Ciba Specialty Chemicals. Such polymers may be prepared by conventional olefin polymerization techniques, e.

Viewed from another aspect the invention provides a polymer moulding powder for rotational moulding obtainable by a process as hereinbefore described.

The particle size distribution is preferably such that:. Rotomoulded items prepared as in Example 3 were compared to a conventional rotomoulding powder RM from Borealis. Rotational moulding using the moulding powder of the invention may be effected conventionally, e.


Suitable diluents are mineral oil, silicon oil, waxes e. Especially preferably the UV stabiliser is [1,6-Hexanediamine, N, N’-bis irtafos – polymer with 2,4,6-trichloro-1,3,5-triazine, reaction products with, N-butylbutanamine and N-butyl-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidinamine]. Country of ref document: Irgafos[Tetrakis- 2,4-di- t -butylphenyl -4,4′-biphenylen-di-phosphonite] e. Irgavos is required of such activators is that they should react with the metallocene or pyrazolyl complex to yield an organometallic cation and a non-coordinating anion see for example the discussion on non-coordinating anions J – in EP-A Asahi.

Use of a mixture containing phenoxy resin as an additive for a thermoplastic polymer to reduce its diffusion coefficient. A process for the preparation of a moulded polymer item, said process comprising: Great Lakes Chemicals also sells these compounds where they are sold under the trade names Alkanox 20 and Alkanox respectively.


The irbafos temperature and oven curing time may be selected according to the melting characteristics of the polymer and the thickness of the item being produced.

CY Free format text: The spraying may be direct, e. Zinc stearate powder 9 g was added and the mixture blended for another five minutes.

EP1261660B2 – Process for addition of additives to polymer particles – Google Patents

Where the particle size is too large, the melting characteristics in rotational moulding will be poor leading to mechanically substandard moulded products. DE DET3 en DK Free format text: LI Free format text: Preferably the metallocene contains at least one Cp group other than unsubstituted cyclopentadienyl, i.

Preferably, the polymer particles has a mean polymer particle size e. Rotational moulding is described for example by Oliveira et al. Multimodal polyethylene composition, mixed catalyst and process for preparing the composition. An alternative way of producing the stabilized moulding powder might thus have seemed to be to simply blend the stabilizers with an olefin polymer particulate which already has the appropriate particle size for rotational moulding, e.

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