I herewith attached the notes and possible questions for UNIT-IV and UNIT-V. Hope it will be useful for the III IAT and University Examinations. Name: IT & Service Oriented Architecture Roots of SOA – Characteristics of SOA – Comparing SOA to client-server and distributed internet architectures. SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE – IT REGULATION QUESTION . (May/June ) Write short notes on business activities in web services.

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List the benefits of SOA?

This Adapter performs a number of tasks. Explain Legacy System Adapter. What are web services platform elements? List out the common layers noets by a development and runtime platform for building SOA. What are the business service models that business service layers offers?

List the components used to built J2EE web applications? Discuss about web service interoperability technologies. Discuss the step by step process of service modeling in detail.

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Explain about web services models? Briefly discuss on application service layer.

WS-Policy is a building block that is used in conjunction with other Web service and application-specific protocols to accommodate a wide variety of policy exchange models. It is my personal opinion that any time soz Service Component needs to interface to a legacy system, that an Adapter Pattern should be used.

Explain the importance of messaging with SOAP and message exchange patterns in web services.

IT2401 Service oriented architecture 07sem

List out some guidelines of service modeling. Explain the entity — centric and task centric business service design in detail. Describe application service design in a step by step process. List out the objectives of service Oriented Design.

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What is distributed internet architecture and compare it with SOA. Click here for upcoming cashier training. Define Distributed Internet architecture Distributing application logic among multiple components some residing on the client, others on the server reduced deployment headaches by centralizing a greater amount of the logic on servers.

It is a condition wherein a service acquires knowledge of another service while still remaining independent of that service. ir2401


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Explain WS-security language basics in detail. What is DigestMethod and DigestValue? List the logical components of automation logic. Net Architecture especially, Web Services. Discuss in detail about WS-Policy.

Example of English 11 Project based lesson. Java transaction managers are specifically designed to provide this functionality.

IT Service Oriented Architecture Lecture Notes – Scan and Type Version

Digital signatures techniques can be used to help ensure non-repudiation. What nktes the potential types of logic suitable for abstract orchestration layer? Define service oriented analysis. What does contemporary SOA represent? Discuss about different service layer in detail. What logic should be encapsulated by each service.

What is entity centric business service design?

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