TPR stands for Total Physical Response and was created by Dr. James J Asher. It is based upon the way that children learn their mother. I am inserting some excellent information written by Dr. James , the originator of TPR. It will provide you with the basic concepts and philosophy of this. Most of the studies reported in this article were supported by a research contract from the Personnel and Training Branch of the Office of Naval Research.

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If we use the powerful tool of TPR jamea understanding on the right side of the brain, then it makes sense to start students in elementary school with several languages which the right brain can easily handle without interference.

There is another intriguing fact about the right side of the brain: There is little error correction in TPR. I do recommend, however, that five or ten minutes at the end of a session be open to curious students who prefer to ask questions about pronunciation or grammar. Total physical response is an example of the comprehension approach to language teaching.

Remember, the right brain internalizes without analysis for high-speed learning. The motivation janes for fewer students, not more.

What is TPR – Updated: Immersion and Dual Language

Once they understand, you can then use this skill to move over into Broca’s area of the left brain with traditional exercises in speaking, reading, and writing. The British Broadcasting Corporation filmed and interview with him for a documentary which is showing on worldwide television and in America on the PBS program Nova. It will not solve all problems, but it will prepare your students for a successful transition to speaking, reading and writing.

Second Language Learning and Language Teaching. The Weird and Wonderful World of Mathematical Mysteries – Conversations with famous scientists and mathematicians 2nd edition. Asher developed the approach in 30 years of research in the laboratory.

Asher conducted a large number of scientific studies to test and refine his hypotheses and the teaching practices in total physical response. Then TPR the vocabulary that the beginner will encounter in the next chapter of the textbook.


The smaller the class size, the less one’s workload. How to do this successfully is not obvious to most instructors. When testing children and adults learning Russian, Asher and Price found that the adults outperformed the children.

Analysis into artificial categories is fine to “polish” the target language for advanced students who are already fluent, but not for beginners or even intermediate students.

He says that left-hemisphere learning should be avoided, and that the left hemisphere needs a great deal of experience of right-hemisphere-based input before natural speech can occur. In a traditional language program, principals screen “low” academic students from foreign language classes under the assumption that, “They simply can’t do it!

Asher originated the stress-free Total Physical Response approach to second language acquisition which is known internationally as TPR. Sky Oaks Productions, Inc.

However, ashfr is recognized that TPR is most useful for beginners, though it can be used at higher levels where preparation becomes an issue for the teacher. Can’t we do something else. Instructors issue commands based on the verbs and vocabulary to be learned in that lesson.

Jamew do not have to limit themselves to TPR techniques to teach according to the principles of the total physical response method.

As a Jamfs class progresses, group activities and descriptions can extend basic TPR concepts into full communication situations.

Further, it is easy to overuse TPR– “Any novelty, if carried on too long, will trigger adaptation. The first objective in any excellent language ashrr is enabling students to be comfortable and confident with the sounds, the grammatical patterns, and semantics of the new language. It is popular with beginners and with young learners, although it can be used with students of all levels and all age groups.

Total physical response – Wikipedia

The main text on total physical response is James Asher’s Learning Another Language asheg Actionsfirst published in As Aaher like to tell instructors around the world, “If you can’t convince students in five minutes that they can actually learn English, Spanish, Arabic or Chinese, you will not convince them even if they stay in your class for a year.

The majority of class time jamrs TPR lessons is spent doing drills in which the instructor gives commands using the imperative mood. Learning Another Language through Actions 6th edition. Learning on the right side of the brain. Asher made three hypotheses based on his observations: It is a means of quickly recognizing meaning in the language being learned, and a means of passively learning the structure of the language itself.


Asher hypothesizes that speech develops naturally and spontaneously after learners internalize the target language through input, and that it should not be forced.

This is a fair question. Most studies converge on this conclusion: It will provide you with the basic concepts and philosophy of this superb approach, and will also answer some of the questions most frequently asked by teachers and administrators. The first is that the brain tor naturally predisposed to learn language through listening. I am speculating but I jamess it works like this: A second reason is that talking and comprehension are located in different parts of the brain.

Even if years have elapsed since acquiring the skill, after a few warm up trials, proficiency returns. This has significance for language instruction which I will explain next.

Total physical response

Bilingual dictionary Critical period hypothesis English as a lingua franca Fossilization Interlanguage Language transfer Second-language acquisition World Englishes. For example, to claim that this is a “desk” and this is a “chair” and this is a “window” is absurd in the student’s brain. His e-mail address is tprworld aol.

How to apply TPR for best results makes the same offer. When does TPR not work? After forty years, still a very good idea By James J. Because of its participatory approach, TPR may also be a useful alternative teaching strategy for students with dyslexia or related learning disabilities, who typically experience difficulty learning foreign languages with traditional classroom instruction.

After reading his book, he is pleased to answer your questions. I understand what she is saying. If you start a second language program before puberty, children have a high probability of achieving a near-native or even native accent.

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