Review of the KBSR/KSSR English Language Syllabus – Philosophy and design of syllabus – Features of syllabus, components and organization of curriculums. KBSR HSP Year 6 by gelamkhovan in Types > Government & Politics. THE SYLLABUS The English language syllabus at the primary school level specifies. KBSR ENGLISH Educational Emphases SYLLABUS. STANDARD The English Language Curriculum for Primary Schools aims to equip pupils with.

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This might raise not only his self-esteem, but also his intrinsic motivation for wanting to acquire a particular skill.

For example, if the final goal, or terminal skill is “to group words according to categories” KBSR The former emphasizes the basic communication skills, that is, reading, writing and arithmetic. Moreover, it facilitates the reinforcement of learning since a particular discourse or sub-skill can be taught by using more than one mode. Feedback is obtained, and assessed, by other means, for example, oral replies, group presentation aims and class discussion. The rationale for adopting the integrated or multi-skills syllzbus in any ELT methodology is that this approach reflects authentic language use, where more than one snglish is employed.

However, it appears englis that this source of teaching aid will soon be made inaccessible to them because the Education Ministry has issued a directive that bans the use of workbooks in the KBSR classroom.

The above recommendation is aimed at diminishing this problem. Students can be ennglish to sit in groups of four or five, and obtain information about their friends that they could later compile into individual ‘scrap-books” for example “My Classmates”. She is subject to parental and administrative pressure to provide evidence of ‘proper” teaching and assessment; for example, pupils’ books must contain extensive written work homework assignments that must exhibit evidence of marking, or correction, despite the fact that some teaching activities cannot be subjected to this kind of assessment.


This situation implies that extra, or a different kind of syllxbus should be directed at the “weaker” students. She is heavily loaded with administrative and co-curricular work in addition to her teaching duties.

One teacher, whom I had the opportunity of observing, handled skill 4. This task would provide opportunities for using the skills and sub-skills that comprise listening, speaking, writing and reading.

Activities in the KBSR classroom should thus be based on the realia, or genuine situations that would exist in the dyllabus of the learner.

The KBSR teacher has to be specially trained to handle the new role assigned to her, but due to the shortage of teachers in the country, she syllabu be spared to attend comprehensive in-service training courses. The literature released by the Ministry regarding the KBSR does not discuss specifically, or comprehensively the methodology that should be adopted.

Ask students to name a few food-items, and list these on the board.

Another way is to create opportunities for individual, paired, group and class work. A good way to make provisions for these factors is to build in variety as an active ingredient during class activities.

Most of all, she has to be able to kbdr the innumerable obstacles that kbrs at the moment proving to be major stumbling blocks in the effective implementation of the KBSR, for example, the teacher-pupil ratio 1: For example, in order to acquire skill 5.

However, the teacher should plan the activity with extreme care, and provide the right level of guidance when and where necessary. She must be able to diagnose the specific learning needs of the students and cater to these.

KBSR- Constraints and Guidelines

Some such measures could be:. It is important that the learner realizes the relevance of what he is learning; whatever he has learnt should play a meaningful role in his life, and help him attain the goals that he egnlish set for himself.

As far as possible, the learner should be allowed to assume a dominant participatory role in the learning process. In order to do this, he can be asked to utilize his previous experience, and enlist the aid and experience of his family and friends. If possible, he could even enhlish the zoo!


She is expected to facilitate the effective education of the child, i. She is expected to help them acquire problem-solving skills that can help them survive in society, and understand and relate to the environment which contains them. The pupil can also be asked to make short notes on the major characteristics of each animal; these notes can later be used for teaching the skill of “describing an animal “.

The child might thus be able to see the relevance of what he learns, and does. However, a close scrutiny of the handbook Buku Panduan Khasand the Curriculum itself reveal that the following factors are stressed:. This is mainly because of an impractical teacher-pupil ratio 1: Teachers should be trained to create materials and activities that exploit the KBSR methodology. This kind of guidance can take the form of more guided worksheets, more intensive monitoring, or, at times, even different kinds of activities which would ultimately allow them to reach the same goal.

Asia TEFL 2014

Therefore, the KBSR teacher should exploit what is readily available – a child’s innate curiosity, and his inclination for fun.

Some such measures could be: Classroom activities should thus be contextualized so that they acquire greater authenticity, and meaning. She has to ensure that these activities are in keeping with the aims and principles of the KBSR, that they exploit the methodology that is implied in the curriculum.

The skill to be acquired should always be the ultimate goal of the lesson.

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