Calvinism. Six Stone-lectures. Lectures on the L.P. Stone-foundation, Princeton . Calvinism, as the only decisive, lawful, and consistent defence for Protestant. The Stone Lectures on Calvinism. by Abraham Kuyper. CALVINISM. Six Lectures Delivered in the Theological Seminary at Princeton. by. Index. The Stone Lectures are an annual series at Princeton Theological Seminary. Kuyper’s lectures, gathered here, are an outline of his Calvinist theology and its.

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Christian democracy portal Politics portal. In Amsterdam he was defeated by Johannes Tak van Poortvliet. Hence we cannot recognize any distinction among men, save such as has been imposed by God Himself, in that He gave one authority over the other, or enriched one with more talents than the other, in order that the man of more talents should serve the man with less, and in him serve his God.

Saul Dubow notes that Kuyper advocated “the commingling of blood” as “the physical basis for all higher development” in the Stone Lectures Compared with the eddying waters of your new stream of life, the old stream in which he was moving seems almost frostbound and dull; and here, on American ground, for the first time, he realizes how so many divine potencies, which were hidden away in the bosom of mankind from our very creation, but which our old world was incapable of developing, are now beginning to disclose their inward splendor, thus promising a still richer store of surprises for the future.

And if, in His impenetrable wisdom, God employed the Revolution as a means by which to overthrow the tyranny of the Bourbons, and to bring a judgment on the princes who abused His nations as their footstool, nevertheless the principle of that Revolution remains thoroughly anti-christianand has since spread like a cancer, dissolving and undermining all that stood firm and consistent before our Christian faith.

It was not in all individuals to the same degree, for this never happens in any great movement; but they who formed the centre of life in those times, who were the promoters of that mighty change, they experienced this higher power to the fullest: If, as Paganism contends, God dwells in the creature, a divine superiority is exhibited in whatever is high among men.

Calvinism: Six Stone-lectures – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

InKuyper received the honorary title of minister of state. Aroundhe began to sympathise with the kuyoer tendency within the Dutch Reformed Church. This union was effected inand the Gereformeerde Kerken in Nederland Reformed Churches in the Netherlands was formed. With his ideals he defended the interests of a group of middle class orthodox reformed, who were often referred to as “the little people” de kleine luyden. Abraham Kuijper calfinism born on 29 October in MaassluisNetherlands.


That this had not been realized until our time, and is now acknowledged by calvinismm and enemy in consequence of a better study of history, should not surprise us. This is the struggle in Europe, this is the struggle in America, and this also. New Calvinismp. He also ran as a candidate in Dordrecht and Amsterdambut was defeated there. One of the major political parties of the Netherlands, the CDAis still heavily influenced by Kuyper’s thought. And a third authority acknowledges that Calvinism has liberated Switzerland, the Netherlands, and England, and 9 in the Pilgrim Fathers has provided the impulse to the prosperity of the United States.

The 6 name Calvinist is used in our times first as a sectarian name. Nobody applies such an exclusive rule to Christianity. Thus it is shown that Calvinism has a sharply-defined starting-point of its own for the three fundamental relations of all human existence: There is no uniformity among men, but endless multiformity.

This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat InKuyper led an exodus from the Dutch Reformed Church. In Amsterdam he was defeated again, now by the freethinking liberal Nolting. So lecturing before an American pubic, I took the shorter phrase, at least in the title of my first lecture, the shortest expression always having some preference for what is to be the general indication of your subject matter.

This stream had its rise in Middle Asia and the Levant, stonr has steadily continued its course from East to West. Even the Baptists applied for shelter at the tents of the Calvinists.

That crown is our common heritage. To have placed man on a footing of equality with man, so far as the purely human interests are concerned, is the immortal glory which incontestably belongs to Calvinism.

His first lecture is “Calvinism A Life System,” and the remaining five relate Calvinism to religion, politics, science, art, and the future. Hence to this extent it stands in line with those other great complexes of calginism life, 13 known as Paganism, Islamism and Romanism, by which we distinguish four entirely different worlds in the one collective world luyper human life.

Their struggles were for the sake of the glory of God and a purified Christianity; the present movement cslvinism war for the sake of the glory of man, being inspired not by the humble mind of Golgotha but by the pride of Hero-worship. Inhis ARP lost the elections and was confined to opposition. Hence the first claim demands that such a life system shall find its starting-point in a special interpretation of our relation to God.

It is one of the most living and powerful among the creeds of the Reformation.


The Stone Lectures on Calvinism

Allow me, therefore, in six lectures, to speak to you on Calvinism. Six Stone-lectures by Abraham Kuyper. It can even be said that the need of a theoretical and systematical study of so incisive and comprehensive a phenomenon of life only arises when its first vitality has been exhausted, and when for the sake of maintaining itself in the future, it is compelled to greater accuracy in the drawing of its boundary lines.

A government, kuyoer you yourselves experienced of late kupyer the case of Spun, that recalls its ambassador and breaks every regular intercourse with another power, declares thereby that its relation to the government of that country is a strained relation which generally ends in war.

Abraham Kuyper

Professor Fruin justly remarks that: In his heart, rather than cqlvinism the heart of Calvin, was the bitter 20 conflict fought which led to the world historic breach. Part of a series on.

They seek to invite internationally-renowned speakers, and have hosted such names as Nicholas Wolterstorff and Abraham Kuyper. In the election he joined the so-called Sone, in a conflict between the liberal minister Tak, and a majority House of Representatives.

The domain of Calvinism is indeed far broader than the narrow confessional interpretation would lead us to suppose. It spread itself in a domain where it found the commingling of blood stronger than under Romanism, and in America raised this to its highest conceivable realization.

To this I add that Calvinism has neither invented nor conceived this fundamental interpretation, but that God Himself implanted it in the hearts of its heroes and its heralds. No further resistance could have been offered to the Romish-conservative power of the Habsburgs, kuypper Bourbons and the Stuarts; and the free development of the nations, as seen in Europe and America, would simply have been prevented. Even in Europe we find that with the Scandinavians and Slavs there was hardly any intermingling of blood, and, consequently having failed to develop a richer type, they have taken little part in the general development of human life.

Under Islamism, which dreams of its paradise of houriessensuality usurps public authority, and the woman is calviniem slave of man, even as the kafir is the slave of the Moslim. From thence it flowed on to Greece. His orthodox Protestant beliefs heavily influenced his anti-revolutionary politics. How we stand toward God is the first, and how we stand toward man is the second principal question which decides the tendency and the construction of our life.

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