There is no direct translation for Hello in Sourashtra.. (or may be we How do you say “I love you” in the Saurashtra language? 18, Views Learn More. I’m no Sourashtraian. But I desperately want to learn your language. Is there any systematic tutorial material available for learning Sourashtra?. Entry, Transcription, English. 1, poɭɭo, fruit. 2, moʈʈɑppɑn, leadership. 3, beʈki, female. 4, ɑmbɑʈ, sour. 5, phɑrɑdu, after. 6, ɑphis, office. 7, bhoɳɳo, pot.

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When pronounced as javaits meaning changes to ‘ponga’ Tamil. There are also separate vowel letters Download an alphabet chart for Saurashtra Excel Hear Saurashtra vowels. There is some debate about which script is best for the language. The above conversation has been repeated several times in my 21 years of life.

Hi, My name is Anshika and I would like to learn sourashtra. See below the changes in each learb.

I dont wanna be vegetating all my life. When pronounced as Maeni with stress on ‘Mae’, it means ‘tell’. I cant write very well in sourashtra like you If you like this site and find it useful, you can support it by making a donationor by contributing in other ways.

Is there any systematic tutorial material available for learning Sourashtra? Could you please send me more words or tutorials or learning materials sourashtta me.? Notable features Type of writing system: Yes Sourashtra is a very strange case, I also wonder how you kept the language alive for lfarn long without a script not used anyways.


At school,usuallythe very first words they would like to know are the Sourashtra words for monkey, donkey, fool, idiot, mad etc. Nice to get to know you though! Pronunciation is very important in every language as this is what gives it individuality. And if X happens to be a Tamilian, he would find it funny interpreting ‘kaaya’ as ‘kaai’,which in Tamil means a raw fruit. But you said your native is Madurai. I was thinking “Ye ladki kaun hai, bilkul hamare jaise”.

Learn Sourashtra Language

Sourashtra For kids is a colorful app to learn and practice major sourashtra words. Can anyone tell me how can I do it online, specially from English or Hindi, as don’t know Tamil.

It was first written with a version of the Telugu script in the 17th and 18th centuries. But I desperately want to learn your language.

Learn Sourashtri, Maha Guru Sarvagya Raja Yoga Kendra

Hi Deepa Glad to fall on your blog after many search!!! Let me give a sneak peek There is a song in that movie just before the climax where the hero ,heroine and their friends sing this song”Pombalai oruthi irundalam” Though im a sourashtrian, i donno more about our language.

Hi, Iam very curious to know, whats the word for cat in sourashtra language? I don’t know speaking sourashtrian coz I didn’t sourasbtra it at home. The girls say that they are scared and the hero tells them not to fear. With a little different way of tongue movement you can make Tamil sound like English or English like Malayalam. I am a student in the University of Michigan and I come to New York often to work during summer, to visit my bro etc.


Lhovo redrhA waitnhA soourashtraLhekka account. Posted by Deepa at 4: It is ” Thorey ‘th’ as in ‘thorough’ naav kaaya last ‘a’ as in ‘about’?

As my crush is a sourashtrian, I’m learning marathi all these days. Coz thats my brother’s name Avro samugham improvement kuchi avro first step.

But pronunciation,as I understand and feel, is the backbone of Palkar, because a tiny change can completely change the meaning or even sound disrespectful. Add a review Tell us your experience sourasjtra Learn Sourashtra Trial 1.

sourashtrra Talk something in your language I always liked to meet new people But otherwise I dont get to spk. Continue to Learn Sourashtra Trial. Good-luck with your endeavors!

Maha Guru Sarvagya Raja Yoga Kendra

Saurashtra has been written with a number of different alphabets. The word kowla ‘kow’ rhymes with ‘cow’ means crow birdkhovla means ‘cough’gowla means ‘cheek’ and ghovla means ‘a recess in a wall’. Saurashtra Each consonant has an inherent vowel.

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