Legacy by Cayla Kluver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy) [Cayla Kluver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He couldn’t help his past any more than he could help the. Legacy [Cayla Kluver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I noticed his eyes. They were blue, sharp and intense. Despite the youthful glows.

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Alera, Princess of Hytanica, is a very boring seventeen year old who can’t stop moaning about how her father expects her to choose her husband within the kluber year.

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It is the rather cliche story of a young, beautiful princess facing an arranged marriage She would be expecting an arranged marriage. I finally lost my patience when I was treated to an overly detailed description of a tiara First let me just say wow.

But at the same time I found myself skipping paragraphes and maybe a few pages full of details about the festivities, rooms or moods.

For example, a chapter on Alera and her sister hunting down pants was unnecessary, just say: Everything just moved at a nice constant pace. A love that may be the downfall to her kingdom.

If I had to hear her complaining about how much she has to choose a husband for the kingdom I think I would have smacked her in the face.


It was stilted and, well, inane. kouver

Legacy (Legacy, #1) by Cayla Kluver

The Goddess Test Aimee Carter. Ok, eine Prophezeiung ist schon dabei, aber das wars dann auch. I could relate to all the decisions she made, which is very rare in literature for me. This book is a wonderful romantic, intriguing, adventures, mysterious gem of a book.

Sadly, I didn’t like Alera maybe cause I was never sure how to say her name nor remembered how to spell is. Legacy was on my short list of books that I wanted to read when I visited the library recently. On a more technical note, I used to be a slavish lover of eastern european history specifically in the late medieval through renaissance eras.

The original plot was interesting enough, but that quickly declined after a few chapters and it descended into mediocrity. Legacy is the story of Princess Alera of Hytanica. The problem, however, is that Harlequin Teen seems to think this creative writing school project is something people ought to spend their money on- Sorry Cayla, but my response to that is an equivocal ‘Hell No’.

In addition to writing, Cayla enjoys such activities as movies, theatre productions, singing, horseback riding, and hanging out with friends. I think I have to beg Cayla for a book only about him!! Initially I’d liked the first few chapters but after a while the book’s charm just seemed to dissipate.


Each one stayed true during the book and I loved to see their development. Only one child’s body was never recovered — so I think we can all guess what’s coming with this little tidbit.

Of course, this is not necessarily a failure unique to rookies. There was never a moment where I felt like skimming. I loved loved fref the characters the most. The Kingdom of Hytanica is like you would imagine a frde back in the middle ages.

The author goes in great detail about the rose-colored seats, tapestries, the Queen’s drawing room, the windows and so on. Why was this so important? Aber Band zwei soll kegacy sehr viel actionreicher sein, also sag ich nur: Please review your cart.

Cayla Kluver’s writing is beautiful. Yes, Cayla Kluver is, I believe, a genius at sixteen years old. She totally should not have been forgiven!

And this book produced the same reaction. If you haven’t read it go get it! Next year, frfe her birthday, she has to marry the man who will be the next king, by her father’s order.

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