The MacNew heart disease questionnaire addresses three major HRQL domains , There is a valid and responsive measure of health-related quality of life for. Psychometric testing of the Chinese Mandarin version of the MacNew Heart Disease Health-related Quality of Life questionnaire for patients with myocardial . Assessment of quality of life using self-reported questionnaires is a way to evaluate and explore the psychological experience of patients with heart problems.

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The circles represent the unobserved latent factors, the boxes represent the observed measures questionnaire itemsthe lines pointing from the factors to the observed measures represent the factor loadings when squared this value is the percentage of variation in the observed measure which can be explained by the factorthe shorter lines pointing to the observed measures represent the measurement error which is presumed to be random in nature, and the curved arrows joining each factor represent the correlation between factors.

An improved questionnaire for assessing quality of life after acute myocardial infarction.

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The World Health Lfie WHO defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” WHO, A total of patients, all of whom were assessed by a consultant cardiologist, were asked, at hospital, for their consent to participate in the study. This is an Open Access article: The MacNew is a revised version of the Quality of Life after Myocardial Infarction Questionnaire QLMI [ 5 ] quallty there is much difference between the two versions in quwlity of their suggested factor structure, even though the items on the two versions of this questionnaire are similar.

Coronary disease is at least as prevalent in Iran as in most Western nations but population studies have been restricted by the lack of culturally-sensitive investigational tools in Farsi to assess, inter alia, quality of life.


Health-related quality quaity life in patients with coronary artery disease treated for angina: Validation of the French version of the MacNew heart disease health-related quality of life questionnaire. The transformation of scores was completed using the formula suggested for transforming the SF scores: Health and Qual Life, ;1: Health Qual Life Outcomes.

The validity of the MacNew Quality of Life in heart disease questionnaire

Furthermore, the factor structure of the MacNew has not been examined within the UK og. COL assisted with the data analysis and the drafting of the manuscript. Unable to socialise 0. Results Trivial rates of missing data confirmed the acceptability of the tool.

The assignment of items to the factors underlying the MacNew was done on the basis of a factor analysis qualiity by Valenti et al. Secondly, the attribution of items to factors is ambiguous.

language validation |

Item number 3 confident was statistically allocated to the social domain in the Farsi version rather than to the emotional domain as in the English version [ 10 ]. Open in a separate window. Conclusion We recommend that researchers should submit scores obtained from items on the MacNew to nacnew analyses after being grouped according to the factor structure proposed in this paper, in order to explore further the most appropriate grouping of items.

It has high internal consistency and reasonable reproducibility, making it an appropriate questionjaire quality of life tool for population-based studies and clinical practice in Iran in patients who have survived an acute myocardial infraction.

language validation

Qual Life Res, Oct;14 8: The chi-square statistic has been associated with sample size problems and distributional misspecifications [ 1112 ], hence the increasing reliance on alternative fit indices.

Table 1 Characteristics of Sample.

Principal component analysis revealed that the three domains, emotional, social and physical, performed as well as in the original studies. Researchers have used several generic and disease-specific instruments in their attempts to index HRQoL — a review of the instruments used to measure HRQoL among people with ischaemic heart disease identified four macnrw instruments and nine disease-specific instruments [ 1 ].


The factor structure proposed by Valenti et al. Cutoff criteria for fit indexes in covariance structure analysis: The benefit of the small increase in explanatory power appears questioonnaire be outweighed by the lengthening of the questionnaire. National Center for Biotechnology InformationQualitg. Surprisingly, our patients found an interview-administered questionnaire acceptable and this has encouraged us to test MacNew in larger populations, to investigate the feasibility of a self-completed tool, exploring the actual weight of item 22, comparing generic and other specific questionnaires, and specifically to examine the validity of the MacNew Farsi by applying a standard cardiovascular classification scale concomitantly.

This conforms to expectations.

These items loaded onto factors that contained items which appeared to be dissimilar in content. Qual Life Res ;5: J Eval Clin Practice. This new structure also displayed strong evidence of concurrent validity when compared to the SF Hu L, Bentler BM. Health Qual Life Outcomes. Item 23 loaded heavily on two factors and an analysis of its content suggested that it could sensibly be grouped with both of these factors.

Correlations between the MacNew and other measures provide moderate to strong evidence of its ability to discriminate between suality following myocardial infarction according to their HRQL and in measuring changes in HRQL over time. However, there is lkfe about the allocation of items to the three factors underlying the MacNew and the factor structure has not been confirmed previously among the people in the UK.

The MacNew is designed to evaluate the impact of treatment, including cardiac rehabilitation, and has been shown to be valid, reliable and responsive, is simple to administer and well-accepted by patients, and normative data are available for patients with myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, and heart failure.

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